Monday, January 18, 2010

What a long week

This has been a really long week. It went by so fast that I haven't even had the opportunity to post. A bunch of stuff happened this week:

I painted the dining room and it looks great.
I refinished my big mirror to match my table.
The lady who bought the hutch came to pick it up.
I got a second chair for the living room.

My husband keeps getting on my for spending money when I am supposed to be saving. I keep telling him that this is a process. I have to have an organized place to start. I am trying to get everything in the house organized so that I have the organization to respect the money that we are getting.

I continue to think that once I have the house totally clean and organized I will be able to concentrate on finances. I really need to learn how to invest. Hopefully, it will not end up being as confusing as it seems. I think that my biggest problem is the fear that I do not understand money and investing. I have to change my mind set if I want to really save.

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