Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to it

Today everyone is back to work or school.

Tried out Ratatouille last night, wasn't impressed with the recipe. I guess I will have to try out some different ones. That is what happens when I try the easy recipe. I have a couple of others that I may try out.

I am still working on getting the house organized, hopefully that will not all year. If I can work on one thing at a time, I should be able to get through it all.

The best part of saving is having to be creative. I have so many ideas I hope that I can work them all in.

I have an idea to paint the dining area off of the kitchen and then to hang curtains. I think that I have found the material to use for the curtains from some that I have had hanging around the house. Now that I have to think outside the store for some things, being a bit of a pack rat is going to come in handy.

I know that I can creatively get the house looking great and organized.

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