Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Weekend is Here

Today my daughter had her birthday party, 17, I can hardly believe it. She had a couple of friends over for food, conversation and a few rounds of video games. I ordered Sushi and a party sub for food. I think that they had fun.

I found this web site today and I thought some of the tips were good:
12 Steps to Being a Zen Millionaire

So, I had to figure out how to protect my carved table now that it is in the dining area. I do not want it to be ruined by use. I had checked on getting a glass top to protect it, I just can't afford that. I thought that Plexiglas would work.

I went to the hardware store and tried to buy a piece for it and the largest pre-made piece is 72" X 36" @ $45. Well, wouldn't you know that my table is 72" X 39". The assistant there was a great help, he helped me figure out that if I bought three smaller pieces ($18 each) and cut the long end to 39" that I could piece them together to get the 72" length. I got some sealant and will seal the joints tomorrow. Then, the table top will be completely protected.

Putting this table in the dining area has completely changed the feel of the room. We actually want to eat there, just because the table top looks so cool.

I am going tomorrow to get the price adjustment for the two chairs that I bought yesterday and will pick up two more. Now that these chairs are on sale, I can afford to get the other two. I am still on the hunt for two larger arm chairs that match.

Today's grocery bill was roughly the same as last weeks, although we did buy laundry detergent and a large bag of dog food. We, also, got a few extra dinners. This is so that we can stock our pantry and have food for those nights when I do not feel like cooking. I am still waiting for the food bill to drop drastically, this might be a very long wait.

Tomorrow I am going to try my new cooking hands at Baked Ziti. If it turns out well I will post the recipe.

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