Saturday, June 26, 2010

Staying Ahead of the Curve

It seems that no matter how much you try to save money, as soon as you think that you are getting ahead, something comes up. This time it is our oven, it has totally stopped working. I am not certain what the problem is, so I definitely will have to call a repair person. I am not looking forward to that bill.

At least I have a few money saving opportunities to suggest.

First, Netflix has been saving us about $50 per month. We were once a month renters; however, we would rent all the new releases on that once a month visit. Now we get Netflix (there are various rates depending on how many videos you want to receive), with our program we get instant streaming video (there are various ways to get this streaming on your TV).

Second, we have begun to save more money on groceries. We have started by using as many store brand products as possible and are working on limiting pre-packaged foods. We have reduced out grocery bill by $50 per week for the past two weeks. We will have to continue to work on it to maintain the level of savings. (We have, also, really started saving and eating left-overs.)

Third, we are clearing out the clutter. Just by trying to maintain the reduction of clutter, we have reduced the purchases made. Keeping in mind that everything at some point becomes clutter, we have been able to limit the small purchases that seem to add up to larger ones.
If anyone has any tips to share, please add them.

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