Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lazy Summer Days

Well, we have finished decorating both of my daughters' rooms and we have set up the guest room. We found a great couch-bed, we were looking for one that was comfortable and affordable. We found it at Cost Plus World Market, here is a photo of it.

It worked out very well, I signed up for World Market's Explorer Program and they sent me a coupon for 10% off, so I used that on the purchase. I was able to save some money that way.

It is funny, we set it up as an extra TV room and now someone is constantly in there watching something or playing on the Wii. We had to make sure that there was enough room to play, but it worked out well. We had an old dresser in the garage, which we cleaned up and put new hardware on. It looks great. Then we moved in a little coffee table and two small book shelves that we had. The room turned out beautifully. It is nice when we can use the stuff that we have hanging around the house to set up a nice room.

Now, I must get busy sorting the mountain of stuff that I brought home from school. I can't believe how much stuff I had in my classroom. I was able to stack it more neatly in the family room, and only take up half of the room. That allowed us to use the other half of the room to set up the desk and the computer stuff. There are a few pieces in the stack that need to be given a permanent home in the family room so that they are actually usable.

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  1. my junk from my classroom is piled in the entry living room. it is a mess! I have been doing about a box a week of clearing but it is just creating another pile in another room. Hate to take it to the storage shed just to go dig it out in another few weeks. Hope you are having a great summer!