Thursday, April 29, 2010

It is almost Summer

For a teacher, summer is a big deal. I have been looking forward to it since oh....August. I will finally have some free time to do things, like find new money saving ideas and keep up my blog on the topic.

I do have some new information. My 17 year old got her first job and so far she absolutely loves it. We had to trade in the car that we had gotten for her, it just became too expensive to repair. So we traded it in on a new car for my husband and then she is using his old car. (I say old, but it is really only 4 years old. Newer than my car.) The Washington DC trip has been canceled, so no free vacation for me, but we are still looking into taking a vacation over the summer. I am still trying to save for landscaping the back yard, I know that will be huge bucks.

We have been looking into new flooring, I am currently thinking about cork.....Does anyone know anything about this type of flooring? From what I have found, it is more expensive than carpet, but cheaper than hard wood. I will have to continue to do research.

I finally got all 6 chairs for my dining table. That is a bonus (paid for in cash). I just need to figure out what to do with the family room area, I change my mind daily. I have to do something with it over the summer. I promised my husband that I would get it all cleaned out and clean out the garage. I am certain that I will at least get this started......

I have to go for now, grading to do. Love to all and I will write again soon.

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